MCD Series

MCD Series

Cemen Tech has over four decades of innovation and cutting edge technologies in the field with every M Series mobile concrete mixer. The M Series brings flexibility and stability and is the most popular unit throughout North America; it is also the selected unit of choice by the United States Armed Forces and is currently operating in over 50 countries.

Key applications for the M Series meet all DOT standards and include general concrete, precast, flowable fill, pervious, rapid set and overlay concrete. The M Series has various options to fulfill any job you need done – pneumatic fill, dry color, liquid color, fiber chopper and latex.

You will not find a more accurate mixer on the market today that meets the AASHTO M-241 and ASTM C685 standards when operated in accordance with ACI 304.6R.

Every Cemen Tech solution comes with a Performance Guarantee. We stand by our products, customers and support our equipment better than anyone else in the industry.

How Does It Work?

How It Works


  Less cost and better quality than traditional drum mixing – accurate costs, precise mixtures and more uptime

  No “hot loads” or limited distance to jobs – separate materials storage on mobile unit ensures a fresh mix for maximum strength concrete on each job

  More time efficient – jobs can be done on-demand when your crew is ready for concrete, no need to go back to the plant to change applications or mixtures between jobs

  Consistently produce the exact mix design each and every time

  Less maintenance, on-site training and ongoing education from Cemen Tech team

  Eco friendly – less waste, less water, less carbon


  Exclusive dual auger cement feed system for superior portioning

  Ni-Hard wear blades

  6” vertical drop provides highest accuracy for aggregate flow

  Truck, trailer, hook lift or stationary configurations in multiple sizes

  Capacity ranging from 3 yd to 12 yd with production from 30 yds/hr to 90 yds/hr

Made For Any Application

Made For Any Application

Ideal For Repair Work

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Excellent For Utility Contractors

Trailer Mounted Option

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