Learn to Operate A Volumetric Mixer

Operating a volumetric mixer is not hard once you learn the basics and there are several ways to get up to speed.

1. You can have onsite training at SAY GLOBAL TRADING & CONSTRUCTION DEVT CORP Showroom located at BFCT East Terminal (in front of SM Marikina & beside the Marikina River along Marcos Highway)
2. You can watch a training DVD.
3. You can attend a training class to learn how to operate the mixer.

Training & Event Demos

All these are great tools to help an operator learn the system.  Let’s break it down a little deeper.

  • Onsite training. SAY GLOBAL TRADING & CONSTRUCTION DEVT CORP (SGTCDC) Service Technician will come to your location and train you in the proper way to do calibration, maintenance, and operation. With hands on training, you will start pouring to learn the basics and your service technician will also show you how to washout the mixer which is a critical area of daily operations.  The more time you run the unit, the easier it becomes and more natural it feels.
  • Video training. Watching videos of calibration, maintenance and operations demonstrates the steps to run the unit. You will need to do hands on operation to get the feel of the unit and how it works. Videos can also be a great way to go back and review steps if you have questions after the SGTCDC Service Technician has left.
  • Training Class.SGTCDC also offers appropriate class on operation, calibration, and maintenance, with these classes you will learn the steps to running your unit. You can get some hands-on experience with a unit too and these classes are good to use with onsite training.

Please Note: Onsite training at our showroom in BFCT East Terminal, Marikina City is really the best tool you can use to get up and going the fastest because the service technician will work with you on a one-on-one basis.  SGTCDC Technicians will watch you to make sure you understand the equipment and its capability to do the job.  Running the unit is really the best teacher.  Go out and run the unit now!  Get that experience and every day you will get better at what it takes to operate the mixer and to provide the best quality of concrete. This way you can totally prove the 5 totally bogus myths about Volumetric Mixers as explained below:

Myth #1: Volumetric concrete mixing is a new and unproven technology

  • 1965 – Patent granted for the Concrete-Mobile
  • Over 2,500 Concrete-Mobiles were produced by 1980
  • Over 10,000 Volumetric Mixers produced by 2000
  • In use in every state in the United States, and over half of all countries in the world
  • Used by the U.S. Military, many State and Local Departments of Transportation and many Cities
  • City of Des Moines has been operating a mixer for 15 years


Cemen Tech volumetric mixer and silo approximately 40 years ago.

Myth #2: Volumetric mixers cannot match the accuracy and consistency of a batch plant

  • Specification ASTM C94 vs. ASTM C685
  • Same tolerances on all materials
  • More restrictions on ready mix as water-cement contact occurs at the plant, not at the job site
  • ACI 304.6R “Guide for the Use of Volumetric-Measuring” VMMB (NRMCA) approval and specification
  • AASHTO M241
  • One significant factor is job site control of proportioning and mixing

Actual Test of Volumetric Mixer vs Traditional Mixer


Myth #3: Volumetric mixers don’t produce “good concrete” (e.g. not enough mix time)

Many examples of quality concrete:

  • Bridge deck overlays
  • Airport runway repairs
  • Structural elements
  • Pool builders, Soil retention
  • Pervious concrete
  • Lightweight concrete by foam and lightweight aggregates


Myth #4: Volumetric mixers cannot handle large production pours or projects

  • A single piece of equipment can be reloaded at the job site – No time or fuel wasted in transit
  • Volumetric equipment is capable of production rates in excess of 90 cubic yards per hour
  • Many examples of large-scale projects done with volumetrics
  • Fermi Labs – 28,000 CY of concrete in 1 month with 1 machine
  • 40,000 CY of Controlled Low Strength Material by 1 unit
  • Common volumetric model on the market today will produce 1 CY of concrete per minute


Myth #5: Volumetric mixers are too complex to operate and have too long a learning curve

  • Like other job site equipment, proper training of operators is a must
  • An operator of a volumetric mixer must have more training than a typical barrel mixer operator – “batch plant on wheels”
  • We offer extensive training in the operation, maintenance, and calibration of their equipment
  • Typical “day-to-day” operation is straight-forward and repeatable

Read Comparative Concrete Testing Report from Terracon 

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