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SAY GLOBAL TRADING & CONSTRUCTION DEVT CORP is a leading supplier of mobile concrete batching plant in Asia through our partnership with three (3) Japanese Technology companies, namely: (1) JOY LABORATORY JP, INC., (2) JOY LABORATORY US, INC., and (3) REMIC MARUHACHI INC., the company that holds a dealership license for Asia of CEMENTECH USA’s technology in concrete producing equipment. CEMENTECH is the leading mobile and stationary concrete batching plant manufacturer and technology provider in USA. Our company also engaged in the supply of construction materials for various real estate and infrastructure projects in the Philippines and the Indo Pacific Region.

We are also the leading trader of construction materials in the international markets such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Company Vision

To be the leading supplier of a world class technology in construction equipment and materials for the real estate and infrastructure development industry in the Indo Pacific Region.

Company Mission

To supply a world-class technology of concrete batching plant, mobile volumetric mixer and various construction equipment and materials in the Indo Pacific region.


Advantages of Cementech Technology on Mobile Volumetric Mixer

There are multiple reasons to replace a traditional concrete batch plant associated alongside drum trucks with a mobile volumetric mixer. Please see below the 10 advantages of using a mobile volumetric mixer.


Less costly than traditional drum Mixing

When using a mobile volumetric mixer, one can control his concrete on each and every pour. His costs are accurate because of the exact knowledge of each concrete ingredient that goes into the mix. Business costs are reduced because there is not employee downtime because the concrete is mixed in the same location that it is poured. Wasted concrete is a thing of the past and the concrete is always fresh.

No “Hot Loads” or limited distance to jobs

The concrete materials have separate storage containers during transportation which ensures a fresh concrete mix to allow for a maximum strength mix for each project. Concrete is made on the site, at the exact quantity one needs.

More time efficient

Jobs can be completed on-demand when a crew is ready for concrete. There is no need to go back to the batch plant to alter applications or mixtures between jobs. Different mixes for different applications can be made in real time, on the job site.

Consistently produce the exact mix design each and every time

Concrete mix designs and additives can be replicated or changed at any time. These mix designs can be half a meter to twelve cubic meters and will produce concrete with low and high resistance, with a specified compression strength of 50psi to 500psi. Computerized calculations are used to make the precise quantity of concrete needed. Each mix stay on the system memory to help you easily navigate to frequently used designs.

These are some applications that one may use with a mobile mixer plant:

  1. Airport Repair
  2. Back Fill
  3. Bridge Overlays
  4. Commercial Usage
  5. Continuous Pours
  6. Development (Foundations, Streets, etc.)
  7. Difficult Access Locations
  8. Floor Screed
  9. Gunite
  10. Landscaping
  11. Precast
  12. Shotcrete
  13. Soil Stabilization

ECO Friendly

Only using the amount of concrete that one needs eliminates the waste of concrete ingredients. This means saving water and reducing carbon emissions.

Lower Investment

One may lower his initial investment by eighty percent. Instead of having to invest in a batch plant and a drum truck, one will only need to have a feeding system and a mobile batch plant.


One person can run the entire system. He can drive the truck, feed the mobile plant, and pour the concrete.


Every concrete mixture can be stored on the system’s memory. The history of all mixtures and quantities will be saved for future access and use.


Mobile batch plants can reach remote or difficult to access locations with the fresh, desired concrete mixture due to the fact that it is mixed on the job site.

Easy to feed

A mobile mixer can be filled anywhere. As long as there is a stock of cement sacks, sand, gravel, and water, then that location can be your hub to supply the mobile mixer. There is no need for special equipment or large investment.

Have more questions about mobile batch plants? Contact us today to talk to one of our concrete specialists. They will suggest the best equipment suited to your particular needs. Click here to read more about mobile batch plants!


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